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"Amanda is such calming presence, she has a very  natural way to make you feel instantly better so I knew I was in safe hands." A.J.
Stress & Anxiety

Before starting hypnotherapy I was aware that I was slowly building up low level stress and developing certain habits and sleep patterns which signified I was starting to let work lead my life rather than life lead my work. In the first few sessions Amanda helped pinpoint which worries were not being resolved and these were surprisingly not the big concerns for people in my job (headteacher). Instead they were related to maintaining the school swimming pool which is often going wrong or interruptions to morning routines before 9:30 am. It all sounded so simple, clear and obvious after the first session, but until this session for some reason I hadn’t clearly identified where the stress had been rooted. Hypnotherapy allowed the space and framework to think things through, coupled with the healing to unpack stress. For me, this enabled control to come back in rather than storing up entangled stress and having poor sleep. The perspective and problem-solving approach, the hypnotherapy has left me feeling back in control and with the tools to address stress if it builds up again. I have slept a lot better and habits related to stress have gone. Whilst a lot more settled and positive in myself, I wondered how this learning and experience may help some children at school. On two residential trips there were a number of children who were home sick or just couldn’t sleep due to being over excited. I played a script from Amanda and within 15 minutes all were happily asleep and did not awake until the morning – what an excellent resource for anyone taking clubs or school residentials! Lots of positive spin offs have happened. Amanda has a warm and supportive style whilst always being professional and wise. She is also genuinely delighted when she sees the progress made between sessions. This has been a very positive and valuable experience and far exceeded my expectations. G.S.

I’m so happy to share my experience of the time I have spent with Amanda in our hypnotherapy sessions. I have already been very vocal with family, friends and colleagues about the positive effect it has had on me, though really they have already noticed - and commented on it. I came to hypnotherapy with no expectations, just trusting Amanda. The on-going explanation and education during our sessions about how the mind works I have found so enlightening and sustaining. And challenging, but I’ve enjoyed that too. I felt I learnt something new every session, and I increasingly saw it’s relevance to me, how it applied to my life experiences each time. I had some ‘light bulb’ moments! I was happily shocked by how quickly the benefits of Amanda’s therapy kicked in. After an introductory session and being given an audio to listen to before bed I had the best, most unbroken night’s sleep I could remember. I look forward to that audio every night! Over the weeks with Amanda, and during the really lovely time we spent talking, I felt my attitude moved from perhaps struggling to recall or recognise good things that had happened, to noticing them as and when they did, and taking a minute to reflect on that and feel pleased. And as the weeks went by to then looking out for those moments, being more aware and alert to them. And step-by-step to then actually creating them and making them happen. That’s where I am now- and it feels so good. I have shared my experience with those around me, some are very open to it and interested, but some are nervous about ‘being on the couch’ and losing control. I can only say that my time on the couch was absolutely beautiful. Led by Amanda, carefully and so skilfully guided by her, yes. But it was me who chose to relax my breathing, my muscles and joints, me who chose to give that time entirely to myself, which in a busy life and a stressful world was a joyful, joyful thing to do. For me, neither of us was in charge - we were a partnership. I’m so glad I had this experience, and so glad it was with Amanda. I run, colleagues go to gyms, I get my hair done, friends get their nails or eyebrows or whatever looked after. Our appearance, our physical fitness is something we look after and even carries some expectation that it should be done, the time and effort should be given. This experience for me has been an eye opener about how the care for your mind should carry just as much weight, or more. And viewed absolutely in the same positive, rewarding, self-care way. Plus I personally think my time with Amanda has done as much for my appearance as a fitness or beauty regime. I smile. I feel younger. And I have time. I’m not entirely sure where this has come from, but I genuinely feel there are more hours in the day. I have more confidence that once I have done a job it has been done successfully and I can move onto whatever is next – and that might be just relaxing, reading, listening to music. My ‘to do’ lists are still there but they are just a reminder rather than a list of tasks that I carry around and weigh heavy. I really believe this therapy is something we should all fit into all our lives. It’s a mental couch to 5k, or 10k, or half marathon, or however far you want to go. And it’s a strength to even wonder if it could benefit you, and of course then to go and seek it . I feel now that with Amanda’s guidance and skill, I’m better armed to face the world and be up and at it! But if things change, I know now that I have someone to turn to who I have so appreciated spending time with and who has made me feel very comfortable sharing my week with, the big and the little details, making some sense of them, and who can help me to see the way through if the waters get muddied and I should want that guidance to clear them. I’d be so happy to ask Amanda for that help and support. M.O.

Depression & Low Mood

I have attended hypnotherapy sessions with Amanda for a number of months. Amanda is the ultimate professional who goes above and beyond her role. She is calming, patient and listens throughout without any judgement. I would recommend Amanda to anybody wishing to have hypnotherapy sessions. Amandas compassion and experience shines through during every session. I have so much trust in Amanda, she helped save me and I will be forever grateful. L.M.

I have been amazed by how hypnotherapy has transformed my thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It has been quite the revalation to me. My sessions with Amanda have enabled me to have more of an understanding of how my mind works, how feelings of depression, anxiety and anger are created and she has given me the tools to help stop that cycle resulting in a noticeable change in not only my mood and behaviour but also in my outlook on life. Through my sessions I have come to realise that even the smallest of action is a positive step towards achieving a goal. Amanda is fantastic at what she does, professional, positive, caring and diligent. I would highly recommend Amanda for anyone interested in or looking for hypnotherapy. M.F.


For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from a crippling fear of spiders. So much so, that it has prevented me from doing normal tasks, and seemed to get worse as I have got older. (I am now 47) My experience with Amanda Dorlin has given me some sort of inner belief that this fear can be conquered, and even though since completion I have only experienced one spider encounter, I am confident that I will be able to cope in a situation that would previously have me displaying symptoms of a full blown panic/anxiety attack. Each session was very clear, with explanations on the different parts of the brain and intellect, and why we hold on to fearful thoughts, which made perfect sense to me. I had confidence that whilst under the trance deep relaxation mode that Amanda would keep me safe, I felt secure, and immediately following each session felt lovely and comfortable, as if protected by her words. The thought of exposure therapy was too much for me to handle, and would send me into a panic. These sessions have left me almost relaxed about next encountering a spider, even now during Autumn, I find that I am not as wary at home, or whilst gardening. Just a few days ago, I was able to actually admire a garden spider on a large web. I now feel that I am able to live alongside spiders, the urgency and debilitating feeling of being paralysed has all but vanished. I am very, very grateful. A.M.

Insomnia & Grief

I started hypnotherapy with Amanda as I had recently lost a beloved friend /colleague and the trauma of losing her caused me great pain and sleep deprivation which turned into insomnia. It was massively affecting my work, my mood and I was becoming a walking zombie. Amanda suggested we try and see how we go. Having googled it prior and being at the point i would try anything to switch off we went for it. Amanda is such calming presence, she has a very natural way to make you feel instantly better so I knew I was in safe hands. The hypnotherapy was very relaxing I felt very safe at all times and instantly calmer. Amanda explained everything about why my brain works the way it does and why my anxiety and depression was heightened. I wasn’t producing enough REM sleep. As the sessions started and we both worked our way into them. Me doing my home work of listening to the track (Amanda’s voice) I started to notice the difference. My family and friends also noticed how I was managing to cope better and reproducing REM sleep. Amanda has completely changed my life, my thought process & I feel so much calmer. She gave me tools I use everyday. I feel incredibly grateful that I had this time with her when I needed her the most. I would recommend hypnotherapy to everyone. A.J.

Public Speaking

Although I find it easy to talk to people, I’ve always found public speaking and presentations really nerve wracking. I found I was choosing modules at university which didn’t involve public speaking and realised I needed to take action. I approached Amanda for help when I had to give a 15 minute presentation. Amanda showed me how to use the Swish technique in our session, putting it into the context of my upcoming presentation. I underestimated how effective this technique would be when put into use, and managed to confidently deliver the presentation. I attained one of my highest grades for an assignment at University this year due to her help and have used this technique in many job interviews. I recently gave a presentation as part of a recent job interview and for the first time I actually found myself enjoying delivering it. I couldn’t recommend Amanda enough to anyone looking to overcome any fears they may have. E.S.

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