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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Stress 

Some anxiety and stress in our lives is beneficial, it keeps us safe, helps us to challenge ourselves and achieve things in our lives.  

It is a natural response that we all feel at times. If you suddenly faced danger you would want your body to release stress hormones to initiate the fight or flight response, to give you the strength to escape.  

But, as with many things in life, it is about regulation and balance.

Everyone responds to experiences differently, and people experience anxiety at different levels. 

Perhaps you are feeling anxious about giving a presentation, or need a little help controlling exam nerves.  You’re much less likely to perform at your best when feeling overly anxious or worried .

A significant event such as bereavement can hit hard, especially if you are low on resilliance and this can lead to feeling anxious.

Sometimes anxiety can self-perpetuate and negative thoughts can run away with you, and start to take over. 

When you are feeling anxious and stressed most of the time it begins to affect your mental and physical health, to the point that it can become increasingly debilitating because it impacts multiple areas of your life. Anxiety and depression can influence our perception of our lives, we can feel overwhelmed, leading to fear, poor performance or procrastination. 

Anxiety can also manifest in other ways including 

Inability to sleep well, eat well
Relationships with others can suffer – work, friends, family
Digestion problems e.g. IBS                                        
Skin conditions can begin or worsen e.g. eczema, psoriasis 

Obsessive tendencies worsen

Unwanted habits

Low mood

Panic attacks.


Using solution focused hypnotherapy for anxiety and stress, we will work together to help declutter your mind and mentally ‘defragment the drive’. This allows space and time for inner focus and leads to reduction of underlying negative thoughts and feelings. In turn, rational thought  becomes easier and as anxiety fades, it is replaced by feelings of greater relaxation and calm. It then becomes much easier to face and cope with challenges in life that come our way.

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