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What is Hypnotherapy?????

Hypnotherapy is a positive and calming technique that enables and empowers you to overcome many physical and psychological distresses that may be hindering your life.

We work together to achieve positive change in your life by means of psychotherapy and trance work.

 Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works by combining the benefits of Solution Focused Brief Therapy along with hypnotic trance. 


You do not need to discuss the reasons for seeking therapy, the solution focused approach enables us to put emphasis on answers rather than dwelling on problems, encouraging you to imagine your preferred future, and help you identify what small changes you want to make to achieve this. 


Trance itself is a very natural state of deep relaxation that we all experience several times a day, similar to daydreaming. It lets you access your subconscious mind to draw on its resources to find solutions and facilitate positive changes.  

 We fully understand that making changes to behaviour and patterns of thinking can be difficult, hypnotherapy is a proven way to make it easier and quicker to shift your mindset for the better.


Our work together is a collaboration, as you take the control back in your life and resolve unwelcome habits and thought patterns. Treatments are personalised to each client as an individual, and therapy is designed to your preferences, your unique personality and your individual needs.


Although successful outcomes cannot be guaranteed, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is highly effective, full client commitment is important. Listening to the audio track between sessions is a vital element in the process and client participation is required. This will be explained in the initial consultation.

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Initial Consultation

This will usually take 45-60 minutes.  It gives you the opportunity to explain what you would like help with and what you wish to achieve from the process.(It is not required to know the actual problem if you prefer not to divulge).

I will take some basic details and give an explanation of how the brain works in relation to your situation. I will give an overview of the hypnotherapy process and once we agree we would like to work together, I will estimate the number of sessions required. I will give you a link to an audio track to listen to each night for about a week before starting sessions.

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Subsequent Sessions

Therapeutic sessions usually last an hour. Split into two parts, we talk about positive thoughts and discuss small achievable goals for the coming week, towards achieving the positive changes you want to make. We follow this with hypnotic trance which is extremely relaxing and helps you focus on making those positive changes.

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